His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa has graciously performed the Empowerment ceremony for the followers at Queens, NY on April 13, 2015.  More than 2000 people gathered at Elite Palace Hall, to get the long empowerment blessings from His Holiness.


Karmapa Service Society had arranged a separate hall in the same place, for those who couldn't get the tickets. But they did get the glimpse of His Holiness when he agreed to visit the hall and consecrated the statues of buddhas kept there. 


The Karmapa was greeted traditonally with tibetan "KIng Gesar's Ling-dro" and  "Lion Dance", which really added colour to the events and for which His Holiness commented and appraised about maintaining the traditions and cultures.



His Holiness mentioned about his happiness in seeing the crowd comprising people from all over the world specially from himalayan regions. His Holiness said, "The people of the Himalayan region have tremendous devotion to the Buddha’s teachings and a special connection with the Vajrayana in particular. Many people of Himalayan origin have gathered together here, including people from the Kingdom of Bhutan, many regions of Nepal and the Himalayan parts of India, and I am very delighted to have this opportunity to meet with all of you. We all have the same fundamental origins and culture and we must work together in harmony. We are all one family." And then he added "I think the point I want to leave you with,”

he said in conclusion, “is that while each and every one of us has our own individual lives and work, we nevertheless each have the innate ability to help transform this world. By doing so our life will become meaningful and fruitful. So please make the best use of your lives, your bodies and your minds.” After which His Holiness left the place.


The ceremony was then concluded and His Holiness' throne was slowly piled up with scrafs offered by the followers.  The members then distributed "trung-nga and tse-ri". And hence, the blessed ceremony ended with great joy and satisfaction.

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